Kathy's Keynotes

Kathy has been a speaker for many national and regional organizations and businesses, speaking on a wide variety of topics relating to Ponzi schemes, fraud litigation, and the psychology of both the fraudster and the victims in fraudulent schemes. Kathy’s two most requested presentations are “Detecting Ponzi Schemes” and “Detecting Corporate Psychopaths.”

Kathy stays current on the daily legal decisions being published in Ponzi scheme cases as well as the news on the Ponzi cases pending and breaking throughout the world. Follow the latest news at The Ponzi Scheme Blog, which covers new schemes that are revealed, new guilty pleas or convictions, or how many years the perpetrators will serve in prison.

Kathy’s extensive experience as a lawyer in this area, along with her specialized knowledge of both the already developed case law and the ongoing evolution of the law in Ponzi cases, makes her the go-to person for expertise in what is going on in this area. 

Kathy customizes her keynote speeches for both content and length. She can customize her speeches to be on more entertaining subjects, such as the absurd things that fraudsters to do in running a fraudulent scheme.  Or she can provide invaluable tips on how to avoid getting involved in a Ponzi scheme.  Kathy can also discuss the legal ramifications of certain behavior and the potential for liability for investors, financial institutions, attorneys, auditors, or anyone else who finds themselves wrapped up in one of these fraudulent schemes. And, of course, she can offer any combination of these presentations.

Kathy’s presentations are distinct in that they are not dry lectures on compliance and due diligence guidelines.  Rather, her speeches are sprinkled with real life stories of that demonstrate what has gone wrong and why, so that everyone can benefit from the mistakes of others.  The innate entertainment value of the subject matter itself is a huge draw, but the lessons to be learned are invaluable.

Kathy offers keynote speeches from 30 to 90 minutes on a variety of topics:

♦  “Detecting Ponzi Schemes”

♦  “Detecting Corporate Psychopaths”

♦  “Inside the Mind of the Fraudster”  

♦  “Current Events on the Ponzi Scheme Front”

♦  “Ponzi Scheme Repellant:  Due Diligence and Red Flags”

♦  “Did We Learn Anything From Madoff?”

♦  “Everything You Need to Know That Can Go Wrong in the Aftermath of a Ponzi Scheme”

♦  “The Potential for Liability of Professionals in Ponzi Cases”

♦  “Investor Recourse in Ponzi Scheme Cases”

♦  “The Issue of Good Faith In Ponzi Schemes”

♦  “Ponzi-Proof Your Investments”

♦  “Ponzi-Proof Your Business”

♦  “Ponzi-Proof Your Financial Institution”

♦  “Ponzi-Proof Your Brokerage Firm and Clients”

♦  “Ponzi-Proof Your Accounting Firm”

♦  “The Government Took My Assets in a Forfeiture Proceeding.  Now What?”

♦  Customize your own topic.

Contact Kathy to discuss a program that meets your organization’s needs.